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Writing (and publishing) clear well-organised research manuscripts

Course contents:
• Why do we publish?

• What is peer review and why is it important?

• How to choose the right journal for our manuscripts

• The structure(s) of primary research publications, recognising that different journals and different fields may differ in the details, but that the overall logic of the structures is similar and most structures contain the same elements.

• Ethical considerations of manuscript writing: rights and responsibility of authorship, affiliation, etc.

• Some tips on efficiently organising information and efficient manuscript writing

• Is publishing changing?: Open science and new journal models.

• Optional: Project and grant proposal writing - similarities and differences to manuscript writing.


Seminarzentrum D 2, Room 1, Bergheimer Straße 58, Entrance Fehrentzstraße


Monday, 18.11.2019, 09:00 - 16:30 Uhr


Dr. Jacqui Shykoff
Université Paris Saclay

Target Group

Number of participants

Max. 30 Personen


15 €

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