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Team Communication

Key roles and intercultural contextes

You will analyze the most common difficulties and areas of conflict that arise in international projects and intercultural encounters discussing case studies and real life examples. The group will try to find explanations and will define viable approaches to intercultural cooperation. You will reflect on your own conduct in an international / interdisciplinary working environment. In the process, you will also define the cultural aspects that you have in common with people from a different cultural background and identify the ones you do not share. You will learn to understand the way your colleagues and projects partners act and react. This will make you feel more secure when acting in an international setting. The second day will be dedicated to dynamic team processes and team roles in the working environment. You will work with project simulations that will help you become more aware of the contribution you can make when working with a team, and of what your strengths are. At the end of the seminar you will give and receive detailed feedback to and from one of the other participants on your team skills, the impact you can make on cooperation within a team and the potential you can tap into.
Contents in brief:
• Rules for the successful cooperation of interdisciplinary / international research teams
• Challenges and areas of conflict in international / interdisciplinary cooperation
• Reflecting on one’s own culture: Me and my surroundings; what is my background, and in what ways has it shaped me?
• Basic principles of a constructive and objective-oriented discussion technique
• Conflict management: strategies for the clarification of discrepancies
• Being aware of one’s own role in a team
• Giving and receiving constructive feedback as a member of a team; knowing and making use of one’s own ability to contribute to the team effort

• Exchange of experiences
• Consultation and advice among colleagues, analysis and discussion of case studies
• Group exercises, role-plays
• Presentation and group discussion
• Film clips


Seminarzentrum D2, room 1, Bergheimer Straße 58, entrance Fehrentzstraße


Monday, 09.11.2020, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Tuesday, 10.11.2020, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Matthias Merkelbach, M.A.

Target Group

Number of participants

Max. 10 Personen


30 €

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