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e-learning course "Research Integrity"

Research Integrity will ensure researchers understand their professional responsibilities. It provides practical advice on dealing with the complex issues that can arise while planning, conducting and reporting research. This programme is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and early-career researchers, covering every stage of the research process and is available in five faculty versions.

IMPORTANT: the access to the course is restricted to the email domain @uni-heidelberg.de, which means you can use the token only if you register with this email domain.

Please note that the course date is only indicated for technical reasons and therefore can be ignored – this means that you can access the elearning course whenever you want.

Notes on privacy and anonymity:
• By registering for the course, you agree to the privacy policy of Oxford/Epigeum (available online), which ensures that your data will be used only for course purposes.
• There are feedback questions at the end of the course; the answers to these questions do NOT remain totally anonymous. Epigeum is working on an anonymous option. It has not been an issue so far, because the feedback questions do not have sensitive content, but you should be aware of this nonetheless. You are not required to give feedback.
• The administrator (Mayte Dächer, ga-seminare@uni-heidelberg.de) is the only one who can see who has signed up for the course. This information is not available to other participants, nor will it be shared or published in any way.
For questions or access issues, please contact Mayte Dächer, ga-seminare@uni-heidelberg.de.




Tuesday, 15.11.2022, 08:00 - 08:15 Uhr


Kursanbieter epigeum

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Max. 220 Personen


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